New shows!

After more than a year of isolation, I finally have some real shows in the coming months! As my bands and solo endeavors slowly come out of hibernation, keep tabs on my shows page to stay up to date. Meanwhile…

Actually Living

I'm very pleased to share with you a brand new original song! 

Sometimes songwriting is trying to freeze one ordinary day into a monument. This day happened to be July 14, 2020- still the salad days of the…

Live Stream #2

I'm doing another solo show from home! I'll be streaming live to my Facebook page, then uploading it to my YouTube channel. The show is this Thursday, June 4 at 6pm CDT.


Kyle Rightley
Solo acoustic show
Fisher King Winery
Saturday, July 6 
5-7 pm
Free show, all ages

January update

Warm wishes for 2019, everyone! 

My big long term project for this year is a new solo album. I've been writing bits and pieces for it since the autumn, and now I'm trying to clear some time and space…

Next solo show

Hi friends,

It's been a crazy busy summer between The Big Payback's two RESPECT shows (one was at the Majestic Theater in Madison, and a similar event is happening in Michigan this weekend), Driveway Thriftdwellers finishing up our new…


What a week! My album "Making Home" won the Madison Area Music Association award for country/bluegrass album of the year! And The Civil Engineers also took home pop/R&B album of the year! Thanks for the votes! It's an honor to…


Snow day!

Lessons are cancelled, and I'm home writing music and drinking tea. Kind of an unexpected activity for late April, but I'm rolling with it. I've gone into full-on winter mode. Snowed in, staying snug and warm.


I've got exciting news!

I'm going to be playing my solo music... with a band! Like, a real band. It's a 3-piece group I'm putting together with two friends that I've really enjoyed playing with over the last few…



So, it's a new year. I hope you're having a good one so far. 

Personally, my 2017 ended up with clutter and chaos. Don't get me wrong- I was thrilled that December was filled with so many meaningful musical experiences…


I'm excited to share the artwork and track listing for my solo album!

Making Home 
Coming December 13

1. Deep Runs the Well
2. Dumb Tragedy 
3. What Would Love Say? 
4. Thirty 
5. Fender Princeton Reverb …