Hello lads/lassies,

I've been asked about the meaning of my song "EMT/empty" from Human Oscillator, vol. 1, so I thought I'd take some time to explain it.

The title of the song was inspired by a personalized license plate that read "EMT GAL." I had driven behind this same car twice in two weeks on my way to my Tuesday night gig at the Mason Lounge, and it stuck with me. For reasons unknown to me at the time, I wrote something about "me and the EMT gal" in my lyric book. Now, I realize that my girlfriend might have some things to say about such a cryptic line. Fortunately, she is a writer herself. She understands the nonsensical ways inspiration can hit!

About a year later, I needed lyrics for an electronic song I was making for an (io) release. I came across that line in my notebook, fitted it to the vocal melody, and suddenly my song had meaning! In my mind, "EMT/empty" tells the story of a hapless and probably deranged man who is obsessed with a medical technician. He dreams of a life with his EMT girl, even though she wants nothing to do with him. Ultimately, the only way he can get close to her is by needing her medical training. In his desperate state, he does something to inflict serious harm to himself (use your imagination), and ends up in the back of an ambulance with the object of his desire.

The first half of the song reflects the character's manic personality and unhealthy obsession, underpinned by hospital beeps and respirators: reality breaking into his daydream. The second half of the song turns into an ambient depiction of this poor fellow fading away and ultimately dying by the side of his beloved EMT girl. 

For the gear nerds out there, most of the sounds were generated by Reason 7's software synths and drum machines. I also used a lot of Arturia plug-ins, specifically Moog and ARP emulators. The long sample of the guy talking at the end is from Alejandro Jodorowsky's movie Holy Mountain. I think this might be the first piece I've done that has no guitar whatsoever.

Once again, I am indebted to an anonymous collaborator. Thank you, EMT GAL! I hope the story in this song never happens to you.