My new solo EP Raven Steals the Moon is now up on Bandcamp! This is a very exciting (and nerve-wracking) thing for me! 

This project is an experiment of sorts. I recorded these 4 songs in my home with a modest amount of basic gear. I tried to keep things acoustic, earthy, and raw. 

The goal of this EP is to gauge YOUR interest in my music. All money I make from sales of this music will be put into a "solo career" fund. My goal is to use the money and momentum generated by this EP to put together a small group of musicians, play some gigs, and ultimately end up with a professionally-recorded full-length album. In keeping with the raw, earthy nature of this music, I'd like that album to possibly be a multi-track recording of a live performance. I also think that's a cool way to get an audience involved in an album. I love listening to old jazz records from live shows!

Thank you for your interest in my music! I hope to continue exploring this vein of songwriting and performing.