It was been a very productive weekend. In addition to playing a fun gig with The Big Payback at the Summerset Festival of the Arts, I recorded all the acoustic guitar tracks for the new solo EP! 

This release will contain 5 new songs. I have a folk-country song, a dreamy pop tune, a spacey minor-key ballad with an unusual structure, a bluesy funk song, and an instrumental. I'm thinking of it as a follow-up to Raven Steals the Moon. Taken together, the two EPs will sort of make side 1 and side 2 of a full album. I've really been enjoying working in small batches like this. It feels less ponderous than taking on a whole album's worth of material at once. 

I've been pretty pleased with the sounds so far. I used a nice Audio Technica condenser mic to record the acoustic guitar. I'm also working in Reason 7 for the first time. I've had Reason 4 for years, so I'm comfortable with the fundamentals of the program. Raven Steals the Moon was all done in ProTools, but my new computer is not a fan of ProTools. Oh well- Reason comes through again! It's been a treat to record full takes of a song at 48k, 24-bit resolution without a single pop or hiccup. A huge improvement from my old set up!

I'll leave you with a video from my session. This is the middle section of "Dear Gravity," the unusual ballad I mentioned earlier. Right now, this is probably my favorite song on the EP. I think I was able to capture something really haunting and unique. Enjoy!