Human Oscillator, vol. 1

My electronic/progressive project, (io), returns with an EP of all new material! Human Oscillator, vol. 1 will be released digitally on December 18 through Bandcamp.

This EP will contain 20 to 25 minutes of new material. (io) has always been a kind of sonic laboratory where I can try out weird ideas that don’t fit into my other projects, and Human Oscillator is no exception. The sounds range from electro pop to ambient to electronic-tinged fusion jazz. 

My ethos for this project was to work quickly and trust my instincts. Each song definitely has its own unique identity, and you can almost hear me “oscillate” between one extreme idea and another. This music is a departure from what I’ve done previously with (io) and with my acoustic songs, and it will certainly not be everyone’s cup of tea. Personally, I see it as a snapshot of where my creative process is now and some hints of possible future roads I may walk.