Happy New Years!

Hello friends,

I hope all of you are having a warm and happy holiday season! I write this beside the fire in my hometown of Cortez, Colorado. Outside, the snow has been falling off and on (mostly on) for days…

New (io) EP released today!

Human Oscillator, vol. 1 is a 4-song EP by (io), my side project. The palette is mostly electronic, with tones of ambient, jazz, experimental, and pop coming through occasionally. You can hear it over on the (io) Bandcamp page


Human Oscillator, vol. 1

My electronic/progressive project, (io), returns with an EP of all new material! Human Oscillator, vol. 1 will be released digitally on December 18 through Bandcamp.

This EP will contain 20 to 25 minutes of new material…


Light Our Village in Blue

Hey there,

The Waunakee Tribune ran a story about the piece I composed for World Diabetes Day! Check it out below:

Posted on Nov 5, 2015 by Roberta Baumann

Since the 19th Century, musicians have expressed their deepest…


Hello friends,

I hope this message finds you enjoying the waning summer. I feel like September has flown by, and I'm doing my best to appreciate what's left of it. 

I'd like to tell you about some exciting things coming…

Kyle's studio diary pt. 5

More progress has been made on the new Big Payback album!

This weekend, we had two more six-hour sessions with Landon at Blast House Studios. We wanted to get the tracking 90% finished with these sessions. The main focus was…

Kyle's studio diary pt. 4

Yesterday was the final full day of rhythm section tracking. I declare it a success!

Knowing the full band would show up at 6:00, we started around 4:00 by recording Leah's vocals over the best take of "Running with the…

Kyle's studio diary pt. 3

The album is one day closer to completion. Things that didn't sound like much are now starting to sound like actual songs!

Yesterday's recording session began with lead vocals. Leah tackled "I Want to Give (My Love to You)" first.…

Kyle's studio diary pt. 2

Day One of recording is in the books! I'm too wired to sleep just yet, so here's a blog entry for your amusement.

Things went very well! We had 6 hours booked, and we used every minute. It probably took…

Kyle's studio diary pt. 1

Hi there,

Kyle here. The Big Payback enters Blast House Studios today to begin work on our second album! I'm trying to keep something like a studio diary as we go, so keep checking this blog.

I started today feeling…

The artist behind "Audrianna"

I've finally met the artist who inspired me to write "Audrianna!"

Those of you who have seen one of my solo shows have probably heard the story of the song that was based on a painting I saw at Art…


Hey all,

I've been up to all kinds of trouble lately! After a busy weekend of gigs and complicated logistics, I'm sitting down to catch my breath and give you some updates.

The new Telecaster performed admirably at both the…