Hey folks,

I'm sitting in a coffee shop with the sun beaming in the window and the fireplace blazing. Wisconsin has taught me to truly treasure warmth.

It's been a while since I revved up the ol' blog. Wheels have…

Interview in Madison's Isthmus publication

Whoa! I'm also happy to announce that Isthmus published an interview with me in the latest edition. 

Kyle Rightley launches a folk-driven solo act after five years leading the Big Payback Rugged individualism Julia Burke on Thursday 10/23/2014  …

Hometown love

I'm excited to report that the local paper in my hometown of Cortez, Colorado ran an article about me! Check it out!

Singer-songwriter Kyle Rightley, originally from Cortez, recently released his second solo acoustic EP, “The Bleak, Barbarian Pines.” The…


Evolution of a song: Song for the Flatirons

This instrumental track on The Bleak, Barbarian Pines EP began life about 8 years ago. I was living in Boulder, Colorado, going to school and playing in a band called Silent Earth. We played a mixture of progressive rock and…


Evolution of a song: Audrianna

The last song written for The Bleak, Barbarian Pines began life as a painting.

It was a couple months ago, when the temperatures were still nice. We spent a nice, lazy afternoon at Madison's Art Fair on the Square. One…

The Bleak, Barbarian Pines EP is out now!

It is with a humble and reticent heart that I release The Bleak, Barbarian Pines into our noisy world. The five songs that make up this online EP have been tumbling around in my conscious and subconscious mind with increasing…

The Bleak, Barbarian Pines

Fall is upon us!

I really can't complain right now because after a sudden cold spell last week, the weather has warmed up beautifully. I've been busy at work on my new collection of songs, but not too busy to…


Recording continues!

August was a bit of a crazy month. The move and the busy gigging schedule made the recording take a back seat for a few weeks, but now I'm back on track!

I'm getting settled into the new…


It was been a very productive weekend. In addition to playing a fun gig with The Big Payback at the Summerset Festival of the Arts, I recorded all the acoustic guitar tracks for the new solo EP! 

This release will…


Tomorrow is a big day! My girlfriend and I begin moving into our new place, and I begin recording my second solo EP!

The packing is too tedious to blog about, but I'll keep you updated about my progress on…



Hi there, friends!

Things are quickly falling into place for my next acoustic solo EP. In fact, I just finished writing a second verse to a song called "Audrianna." It's shaping up to be a light, poppy little song with…

The Plan

The blog might not indicate it, but I've been super busy. Between gigs and recording sessions with the Big Payback, Driveway Thriftdwellers, Charlie Painter and Friends, Five Points, and Beefus, I've had a pretty full schedule. Not to mention teaching…