Solstice update, part 2 of 2

In 2020, I would like to balance the “work” side of my musical life (booking, rehearsing, learning and arranging cover songs, etc…) with the “creative” side. I would very much like to open myself up to collaboration, since I do happen to cross paths with many fine musicians. Some conversations have already been happening. 

I started 2019 with several song ideas and an overall concept in mind for a new solo album. It did not come to pass the way I had hoped. For much of the year, indecision and self-doubt left me with some songs that I disliked and other ideas that I liked but couldn’t fully form. I also had problems with microphones, instruments, and other recording gear that took me a while to address. However, I made major progress in the last month or so by picking one of my favorite ideas and seeing it through to completion. I ended up recording and mixing a song called “Turn the Light Off,” which is really about the creative process itself. Sonically, it’s somewhere between my acoustic albums and (io). I don’t know exactly what it will become, but I hope to continue with this approach and see where the cards fall. I have accepted that I need to slow down and let the music be what it will be. 

The next Civil Engineers EP is recorded and scheduled for release in the spring or early summer of 2020. It contains songs that have been tried and tested in a live setting, so recording was actually pretty easy. It hasn’t even been mixed yet and it already sounds great. 

Driveway Thriftdwellers have a wealth of song ideas and some complete songs (including one of my own that I’m really excited about called “Leave the Light On” – more on this later) waiting to be fleshed out and recorded. Collaboration seems to come easily to this band. It’s the only group I’ve been in where 5 people can sit in a room and come up with lyrics and melodies together without it feeling like too many cooks in the kitchen. I look forward to hearing what our third full-length album will sound like. 

The Big Payback is also starting to compile new material and explore the possibilities of collaboration with our current lineup. We’ve already got some new songs since our last album. We’ve also been emailing around song and lyric ideas, which is a new way of working for us. Adapt and grow. Our 10-Year show was also recorded for a live release in the coming year. 

Thanks again for reading and supporting. I’m off to Colorado for some family time. See you in 2020!