Hey folks,

I'm sitting in a coffee shop with the sun beaming in the window and the fireplace blazing. Wisconsin has taught me to truly treasure warmth.

It's been a while since I revved up the ol' blog. Wheels have been turning! The feedback I've received from my EP has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you all very much! I'm humbled.

I've been keeping myself very busy lately. Two new Big Payback songs are in the works. They're polar opposites of each other. One is written in a specific genre, and is quite formulaic. The other is not really concerned with fitting into a genre, and I'm giving it the freedom to go wherever it wants. I'm finding that the two different songs are justifying each other. I'm more willing to take risks with Song A when I know that Song B plays it safe. And I'm not afraid that Song B is too predictable because I know that Song A is anything but. My listening also sways from one end of that spectrum to the other.

In addition to those songs, I've been collaborating with other writers on new material as well. I had a session with Jamie Kember (trombone player in The Big Payback) a couple weeks ago. Despite playing in a band together, we've never really written together. It was a learning experience for the both of us. A few more meetings will hopefully flesh out some of our ideas further. I also started writing a song with Jason Moon, a great singer-songwriter I met recently. I really liked his approach to writing lyrics, which is much more fluid and fast-paced than my own. I'm looking forward to seeing how all this new material turns out!

Finally, I have started preparing for my upcoming solo acoustic show at Tuvalu Coffeehouse on December 19. It will be my first solo show ever! And to put even more pressure on myself, it's going to be recorded. Yay pressure!

Kyle Rightley @ Tuvalu Coffeehouse and Gallery
Friday, December 19
7-9 PM
Free show, all ages

Alright, that's about it. I'd better get home before the sun goes down.

Thanks for reading (or skimming)!