It's been a very busy few days!

I've been hard at work on new music. Most of my creative efforts of late have been directed toward a new fusion-y instrumental piece for The Big Payback. We are playing Jazz at 5 in August, so it would be nice if we had some music that was, well, jazz. We do have several jazz and world-inspired tunes, but this is an opportunity to write music even further in that direction. I'd also kind of like to end up with a basic lead sheet so that other groups could play this song. We'll see.

This is what jazz musicians look like.

I started this piece by writing a bunch of random 4 and 8-measure phrases in related key areas without giving any thought to how they'd link together. I ended up with a lot of cool but unrelated ideas (and, as usual, a lot of crap too). Now the process is kind of like assembling a musical jigsaw puzzle. A theme and a title suggested themselves today, and now an overall order is becoming clear. It's great when that happens!

I have another R&B-influenced Payback song in the pipeline as well. And a really sad acoustic song presented itself the other day. Like an old man, world-weary kind of sad. I don't know where that came from. Anyhoo, my hope is to get the two Payback songs finished in the next couple months before leaving for vacation in late June. I would also like to have some more solo acoustic material at least started by that time, as I'd really like to record another few songs for digital release.

Oh, and I listened to the new Ulver/ Sun O))) collaboration today. Good stuff. It's great to cleanse your palette with music in a completely different style.

More ramblings soon...