Single from the 2017 album Making Home


Two in the morning and the factory’s humming
Deep runs the well
Coal fire’s burning just to keep the wheels turning
Deep runs the well

I met a man in Cincinatti,
he had lived there all his years.
He said “I’ve seen it all, sometimes you run sometimes you crawl.”
Then he turned around and muttered something into his beer.

Early October and the cows are in the clover
Deep runs the well
New life beginning with a cool harvest wind
Deep runs the well

She’s an old soul, she’s a fighter,
oh she’s a morning star.
She said “I’ve been paying off my loans, but you won’t hear me moan
spending days stuck in an office and nights behind the bar.”

If you want it, you gotta take it.
You gotta dream it before you make it.
Don’t hesitate, no don’t you hesitate.

Trucks on the freeway over the Saint Lawrence Seaway
Deep runs the well
Seagulls are circling over longshoremen working.
Deep runs the well.

I hope it’s not just wishful thinking,
but the roots run deeper than the rot.
And you know we’re more in sync than some would want you to think.
And if we don’t have a dream, then what else have we got?