Too long I’ve been ramblin’ on and on
in these flatlands so far gone from my home.
And too long I’ve been shivering in the cold.
These northern winds just cut right to the bone.

And when I say this ain’t no place for me to be
I hope you will think kindly of me.

‘Cause I won’t forget you when I’m gone.
You’ll always be a big part of my song.
And farewell, though our paths must part for now,
I’ll be with you again before too long.

Too long I’ve been leading myself on,
hoping that you’d walk right in my door.
And too long I’ve been turning myself around,
looking back on roads I’ve walked before.

Ponderosa pine and mountain mahogany
always will remind me that I’m free.


One more year has slipped away.
I'm too old to run, but too young to stay.