1. Audrianna

From The Bleak, Barbarian Pines EP.

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Audrianna combs her hair.
Her mother's in the kitchen
clearing out the breakfast dishes.
September's chill is in the air.
She pulls her coat up tight
and turns to kiss her mom goodbye.

All the other kids in school
have newer clothes and nicer shoes.
Some of them can be so cruel,
oh how their words can leave a bruise.

But when she's feeling down,
she simply lifts up off the ground.

Audrianna flies away upon a magic rug.
She's riding waves and navigating by the stars above.

Another school day now is done.
She takes the long way 'round
the lake just to the west of town.
Its glassy surface in the sun
makes her think of times gone by
and wonder where her future lies.

And her father went to war,
her mother fearing for the worst.
He drew his last breath days before
Audrianna drew her first.

But he left a special gift
for when her spirits need a lift.

Audrianna flies away upon a magic rug.
Into the sky, she's flying high upon a father's love.

One by one, we'll take to the sky,
my dreams, my secrets, and I.